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Peter Vos – Illustrated books

  • Author

    Peter Vos

  • Illustrator

    Peter Vos

  • Compilers

    Eddy de Jongh, Jan Piet Filedt Kok, Saïda Vos

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    € 49,99

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Peter Vos (1935-2010) is a celebrated and multi-faceted Dutch artist and illustrator. He has been called the best Dutch artist of the previous century. In spite of his fame, part of his work remained hidden from the general public: the illustrated books he created for friends, wives and in particular his son, as well as the books or booklets made specially for a select circle of loved ones in a print run of one – over sixty in total. After the publication of a selection from his letters, Rubinstein now brings an anthology of Vos’ unique books.