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Bertha the Bullfinch

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    Mark Haayema

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Panic in the aviary. Gus, the man who brought fresh water and seeds every day, is gone. Now what? There’s food left for about three days, tops. The flying birds confer in the Wise Council at the top branch. The flightless birds aren’t allowed to join in and patiently wait for the wise decision.

Then Bertha the bullfinch takes control. She thinks it isn’t fair the flightless birds aren’t allowed a seat in the Wise Council, and neither is she. From now on, she’ll decide who can eat and when. It saves a lof of time and effort when one bird makes the rules. But is it fair…?

Bertha the bullfinch is set in the aviary of Pete the parakeet, which won the 2019 Vlag & Wimpel award for best children’s book.