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The escaped tram

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Every afternoon when the zoo closes, the animals dress up and get on the tram. They live in a secret volcano crater on a remote island and the tram takes them to their village, across the country and across the sea. When the penguins help with cleaning the Zootram, one of them hits the wrong button,  which causes al lot of trouble…

Ziggy and the Zoo Tram is a 3D animated series for upper pre-schoolers (4-7 years). It’s about a group of animals who live in a small zoo and who have a very special secret. They go home at night! Every afternoon when the zoo closes, Ziggy the Australian freshwater crocodile and his friends Miss Emily the elephant, Lionel the lion, and the others, put on their clothes, unlock the doors of their enclosures, and get on the tram. The tram carries them out of the zoo, across land and sea, to their village, nestled in a secluded crater on a remote island. Here they return to their own houses – each designed to reflect the personality of its owner – and live in freedom. The following morning, they gather at the tram station, greet each other, and board the tram. Everyone squeezes in to make room, and they settle down for the trip to the zoo. But on every trip – and sometimes before they even leave the crater – something unexpected happens to turn the journey into a hilarious adventure…

Picture book – Lionel’s outfit – The escaped tram – Pages: 28 Rights: Worldwise Age: 4+

  • Ziggy and the Zootram can be seen on Dutch and Belgian television.

    The books are based on the animated tv-series Ziggy and the Zootram, an idea by Leo Timmers and made by Grid Animation & Fabrique d’Ímages. And the text is written by Harmen van Straaten.

    The characters, created by Belgian author and illustrator Leo Timmers, are a close-knit group of eccentrics who reflect a wide cross-section of society. Old and young mix happily, sharing their adventures and supporting each other along the way.

    Ziggy, 9, is our hero. A freshwater croc is a funny, friendly little fellow who gets along with everyone.
    Lionel is an elderly male lion in a safari suit who comes from the African savannah. He’s very proper and correct, unfailingly polite, and always on time.
    Miss Emily is an elderly elephant from India and carries an enormous handbag in which she can find almost anything, from peppermints to roller-skates, and from a thimble to a pair of bagpipes.
    Flora comes from the Caribbean and lives in a stilt house on the lake. Like many teenage girls, she has a passion for fashion. Her most treasured possession is her mobile phone, and she’s always using it to listen to music, take photos and – when absolutely necessary! – talk to Brian.
    Brian, like many teenage boys, is crazy about sports and whenever there is the opportunity, he likes to have a kickabout or shoot a few hoops.
    Bunbury, the kindly old tram driver and station master. He lives above the tram station, and wears a blue uniform which is slightly too small and sometimes streaked with oil. Bunbury loves the tram.
    The other characters are Tony the tucan from New York. Short on height, long on talking.
    Shackleton, Amy and Scotty are pinguins from Antarctica, like any youngsters, they are easily bored and always getting into trouble. If there are delays en route to the Zoo, these three playful penguins are often the cause.