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The Vincent van Gogh Atlas

Vincent van Gogh lived in exciting times. So many things were changing, with new inventions coming along all the time. Thanks to the railway network, with its rapid expansion across Europe, it was possible for the post to be delivered quickly. In the year Vincent was born, you couldn’t even travel from the Netherlands to Brussels by train. But by the time he had grown up, it was easy to travel all the way to the south of France.

Vincent did quite a lot of travelling, covering thousands of kilometres throughout four different countries. No matter where he was, he nearly always wrote to his brother Theo. And Theo kept everything Vincent sent him: letters, drawings and paintings. So thanks to Theo, the postal system and to the railways we now know so much about
Vincent. With this book you can now follow Vincent van Gogh around Europe, to all the places where he lived and worked!

In cooperation with the Van Gogh Museum.

Pages 160 | Sold to UK/USA, Germany, China, Japan, Korea | Ages: 12+