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Mindfulness Box

Your daily dose of focus to be present in the moment; as Dutch scientist and philosopher Herman Boerhaave said: ‘Simplicity is the force of reality’. And that is what mindfulness is all about: simply being present in the moment. No worrying, no judgement, no stress. Instead, open your senses, breathe in deeply and open your heart. This way you can experience wonderment and the magic of life. This… makes moments of happiness. It really is that simple.

And yet… it’s hard to maintain. No more! Because now the Mindfulness Box is here; a box of inspiration, small reminders and pieces of wisdom from thinkers great and small to help you being mindful every day in your own way. The practical Mindfulness Box has everything you need to direct your attention to the here and now and contains a mindfulness booklet with the basics, tips and writing assignments, 24 cards with inspirational quotes, 12 power cards, 6 meditation exercises, 12 active assignments, 24 stickers with daily inspiration and envelopes.