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Jonas and the sea

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Jonas and the sea |

The first time Jonas sees the sea, he knows where he belongs. He want the sea to become his home. As a child he combs the beach, looking for items to build crazy installations that make him able to live under water. He learns from his mistakes and as he grows older his diving installations become more and more sophisticated, bringing him closer to his ultimate goal.

But first there was a movie! Marlies van der Wel started in 2o13 combing the Dutch beaches, looking for useful things. Meanwhile she spend countless hours writing and sketching for this beautiful animated short film. She uses a collage technique combing her characteristic artwork with items she found at the beach. The final frames were so beautiful that Rubinstein asked her to turn the film into an illustrated book.

Pages 80 | Size 285 x 235 mm | oblong |  Age 4+ | sold to China, Taiwan and Italy