Auteur, Illustrator

Yvonne Jagtenberg

Yvonne Jagtenberg

(b 1967) has been illustrating since she graduated from art academy in Arnhem 15 years ago. During that time she worked for different Dutch and international publishers of children books. Currently Yvonne is working on “self-made” picture books. Yvonne was chosen to take part in the “Dutch Oranges”, “An Elephant Came By” and “Dutch Treats: Contemporary Illustration From the Netherlands,” an exhibition of 14 children’s book Dutch illustrators around the world.

The “Arno” and “Balotje’ titles have been translated into over 9 different languages. She won several awards including the Charlotte KöhlerStipendium.

HONDJE Sold to: France Age: 4+ | BALOTJE Rights: Worldwide Age: 4+ | ARNO sold to: China, France Age: 4+ | MY ODD UNCLE Pages: 56 Rights: Worldwide Age: 4+