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Van de Noordpool naar Nairobi. Een heel koel avontuur 1

From the North Pole to Nairobi: A Mission to Cool Down the Planet

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A weird and wacky climate book written by two hilarious comedians! It deals with important themes such as biodiversity and global warming, but the message is clear: we can still make a difference. It’s not too late!

Isabelle has to give a presentation in class tomorrow. Her best friend Laurens comes over to help her practice, when suddenly they hear digging and rummaging. A tiny mole, Mr. Santos, sticks his head through the floorboards of Isabelle’s room. He’s pretty much lost – he’s headed for Nairobi! The children and hte mole decide to help each other; together they embark on a crazy adventure. Digging their way around the world, they meet a polar bear who’s got the chills, an ostrich who can’t stick its head in the ground and a horde of monkeys who don’t like bananas.