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Chimp and Bunny

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    Anne-Claire Petit

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Chimp and Bunny |

Chimp & Bunny are an adventurous couple. Together with their friends they visit all kinds of interesting places: a tennis court, the film set or a shop full of goodies. Join them and learn a lot of new words! With stickers to create your own world! Based on the beautiful toys and accessories of the international brand Anne-Claire Petit.

Board Book with Stickers | Pages 80 | Age 4+ | Rights sold to Spain

  • Anne-Claire Petit – The world of Anne-Claire Petit is a happy world. With recognizable colour schemes and ‘feel good’ products, ranging from an extended animal family to baby toys, from deco objects to furniture and from cushions to wallets. In the turmoil of present times, Anne-Claire sees it as her personal goal to cherish traditional textile techniques by creating modern objects for contemportary homes.

    The ACP collection is presently sold in hundreds of shops and department stores, in more than 40 countries around the world.