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Are you coming?

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    Sjoerd Kuyper

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When Nesta gets his first swimming certificate, his dad gives Nesta a beautiful framed picture of his cat Bardo. For his room in dad’s house. Because when Nesta is at his dad’s, he really misses Bardo. He can’t call him on Skype, because his dad doesn’t have a computer. So he writes Bardo little notes. But it’s not the same. One day Nesta secretly takes Bardo with him to school in his PE
kit bag. When they’re at his dad’s apartment, Bardo immediately befriends the neighbour’s cat…

Are You Coming? Is a book about a boy who misses his cat. But it’s also a light-hearted story about the impact of divorce on a child’s life. A beautifully illustrated, subtly written book that can serve as a conversation starter for parents to discuss this sensitive topic with their children.

Written by Sjoerd Kuyper and Grootzus.