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Het grote sneeuwavontuur

The Great Snow Adventure

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Every year, Sinterklaas and his helpers receive piles of letters with wishes from children. There are nice, sweet, funny, easy and impossible wishes. When Sinterklaas receives a letter from the girl Sara, he asks his helpers to go to Austria to fulfill her wish. But that is of course easier said than done…

In October 2024 it will happen again: the big Sinterklaas film by De Club van Sinterklaas will be released in cinemas. The adventures with Danspiet, Cool Piet, Test Piet, Music Piet, Prof Piet, Super Piet, Bake Piet, Little Piet Fernando, KADO and of course… Sinterklaas!
This fun novelization is based on the screenplay, again written by Martijn Koevoets.