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Welkom in het Lloyd Hotel

Welcome to the Lloyd Hotel

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A very big hotel in Amsterdam is the home of two very small mice: Piep and Katya. They live behind the wall and watch the people go by. As the years go by, they see the building change: at first many people come to stay, but soon Piep and Katya play in the deserted rooms and halls, they paint the walls in bright colours and swim in the flooded basement.

Welcome to the Lloyd Hotel is the extraordinary story of an Amsterdam landmark: The Lloyd Hotel, which since its opening in 1921 has served as a hotel for emigrants, prison, youth prison and housed artists’ workshops. In 2004, it was restored to its former glory and reopened as a hotel. Etsuko Nozaka’s poetic texts and Yasuyoshi Botan’s imaginative watercolours invite children on a journey through the building and its eventful history.