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Fiep Westendorp

Fiep Westendorp’s illustrations are a source of joy in Holland. Now is the time to introduce her work to the rest of the world.

Everyone in the Netherlands knows Fiep Westendorp’s illustrations. People find them endearing, funny, nostalgic and timeless too, and they inspire happy memories. The oeuvre of Holland’s most famous illustrator consists of more than 8.000 drawings.
Fiep Westendorp’s illustrations are immediatley recognisable and at the same time they are so diverse and different from each other that it is easy to make products that are perfect for a wide range of target audiences, from babies to grandparents, and suit all kinds of media, from books, films, TV and new media to design products and merchandise.

Since 2016 it’s been Rubinsteins privilege to also represent the old Dutch brand of Fiep internationally for licensing. So far, this has resulted in a line of rompers, sleeping bags, rain boots, pajamas in a successful collaboration with AS Watson.

Fiep Westendorp has enjoyed unprecedented popularity as an illustrator in The Netherlands for over 60 years and interest in her work continues to grow, both at home and abroad.


Klok Slinger Uurwijzer Minutenwijzer


Rubinstein has published multiple books with illustrations of Fiep Westendorp, both for adults and children.

For Fieps 100th anniversary we published 'Het Gouden Fiep Boek', as well as 'Volgens Fiep - levenslessen van Fiep Westendorp', with text by Joyce Roodnat.

Stuff from Fiep!

In collaboration with AS Watson (Kruidvat and Trekpleister) Rubinstein produces a productline with baby textiles, rain boots, shampoo and children's sleeping bags.


Nice to know...

Fiep Westendorp would have been 100 years old in 2017! If you can read Dutch, read more about this anniversary year on

The 8.000 illustrations are a source of inspiration for merchandising products. Fiep drew animals, cars and other daily objects that can be
combined magnificently with design elements.

Her work lends itself to a wide variety of children’s products, like stationery, wallpaper, tableware, etc.

The illustrations of Fiep Westendorp are beloved by young and old. Generations grew up with her made-up characters such as Jip & Janneke and Pim & Pom.

The prizewinning animated movie 'Het grote avontuur' (The Big Adventure) has been displayed on more than 40 international filmfestivals.

Everything of this book breathes festivity: the generous format, the golden spine, the spacious layout, the abundance of colours and the sturdy cover with animals, children and balloons.

Pascale de Vries about Het Grote Gouden Fiep Boek

Want to work together?

Appreciation of the oeuvre of Fiep Westendorp is growing steadily throughout the world. Rubinstein would love to invite you to use Fieps illustrations for  designing your product together with Rubinstein. The illustrations have significant international potential!


Monday2Friday en Rubinstein

Since October 2017 we're working together with our first foreign agent. Monday2Friday from Barcelona will represent Fiep in Spain and Portugal!

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AS Watson en Rubinstein

For AS Watson (Kruidvat and Trekpleister) Rubinstein developed a direct-to-retail concept for the baby and children segment, ranging from sleeping bags, pajamas and rompers to rain boots and toiletry bags.

Fiep Laarsjes