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The wonderful life of Doggy (the one and only)

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The wonderful life of Doggy (the one and only ) |

The wonderful life of Doggy (the one and only) is the second book on the Doggy series which contains several adventures of the famous and notorious Doggy. He is glad to meet loads of friends, sleeps wherever he wants to and eats whenever he fancies. He gets petted here and licked there. Doggy knows what a good life is; to be one with nature and being happy with yourself. The twenty stories are an ode to the four elements: water, earth, water and fire.

‘The drawings of Doggy are so playful that you capture him in your heart even before you have read one letter.’ – Dutch daily newspaper Trouw, Bas Maliepaard. 

Yvonne Jagtenberg has been illustrating since she graduated from the art acadamy in Arnhem 15 years ago. During that time she worked for different Dutch and international publishers of childrens books. Currently Yvonne is working on ‘self-made’ picture books. She was chosen to take part in the ‘Dutch Oranges’, ‘An Elephant Came By’ and ‘Dutch Treats: Contemporary Illustrations From the Netherlands’. The ‘Arno’ and ‘Balotje’ titles have been translated into over 9 different languages. She won several awards including the Charlotte Köhler Stipendium.