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My Odd Uncle

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My Odd Uncle |

Written by Yvonne Jagtenberg
IN cooperation with The Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam

In My Odd Uncle the uncle, better known as monsieur Hulot, is confronted with ‘ordinary life’. He has to babysit his nephew Gerard and his dog, the dachshund Dali. Little Gerard lives in a hyper modern, bleak house where humour and mischief do not seem to be tolerated. His pleasantly absurd uncle is going to change that. His fantasy and admiration are an example to his nephew. The uncle completely loses himself in their games and pretend fights. Now the real question is, who is babysitting who exactly?

An ode by Yvonne Jagtenberg to Mon oncle, Jacques Tati’s alter ego.

  • Children’s book author and Zilveren Penseel-winner Yvonne Jagtenberg brings an ode to filmmaker Jacques Tati with her book about Mon Oncle, Tati’s alter-ego. With My Odd Uncle and the film screening of Mon Oncle (1958) in the Eye Filmmuseum Jagtenberg brings the work of Tati to the attention of a young audience.