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Monkey and Mole in Museum Panorama Mesdag

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    Gitte Spee

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Monkey and Mole are in The Hague for a day. They’d like to go to the beach, but then it starts raining. ‘Oh no, what shall we do, Monkey?’ Mole asks. A big, white seagull has overheard them and says: ‘I know a beach where the sun always shines! Just follow me.’ And he takes the two friends to Museum Panorama Mesdag. They chat with Mr. Mesdag and lose each other in the dark halls and the winding staircase. At last, they find each other again at the pavillion. And there they see the beautiful beach. Monkey and Mole are amazed, there’s so much to see! Monkey runs towards the sea, but Mole hesitates. He’d rather stay with Sientje under her beach umbrella.

The Scheveningen Panorama was painted in 1881 by Hendrik Willem Mesdag. It was commissioned by the panorama society ‘Société Anonyme du Panorama Maritime de la Haye’. With help from several painters from the The Hague School, Blommers, De Bock and Breitner and his wife sientje Mesdag-Van Houten, Mesdag painted a seascape measuring 120 by 14 metres. Location: Seinpostduin, the highest dune of Scheveningenat the time. On 1 August 1881, the panorama was opened to the public. Vincent van Gogh was at the Belvedère and admired the panorama from there. He said: ‘The only thing that’s wrong with the Panorama of Scheveningen, is that there’s nothing wrong with it…’

Download hieronder leuke kleurplaten van Aap en Mol in Museum Panorama Mesdag!